A book about finding happiness and success

A Successful Life

Finding Success While Creating Happiness

A Successful Life presents five principles for living a successful life as derived from the perspective, reflections, and regrets of dying hospice patients.

Their message is a simple one about the meaning of life, yet hidden within their message is a scientific secret so powerful that it literally shifts the odds of success in our favor. Science proves that this secret reallocates energy within the brain, significantly increasing our cognitive, creative, and intuitive skills.

Learn what the dying say constitutes a successful life and the five simple principles that unlock powerful scientific secrets proven to increase success in every aspect of life. Start living the life you deserve. Start living a successful life.

A Successful Life will show you how you can:

  • Find more success in your life
  • Create more happiness in your life
  • Discover purpose and meaning in your life
  • Increase your effectiveness
  • Build better relationships
  • Increase your problem solving & decision making skills
  • Be more creative
  • Live longer

What People are Saying

Reading A Successful Life leaves you with a formula for living a healthy, happy, successful life.

D. Cartwright - Colorado Springs, CO

With a foundation of hospice volunteer experience and the insights gained from stories of those near death, Lawson develops a compelling concept on how to "Live a Successful Life". He lays out a plan to achieve a state of love, caring and compassion as life's driving forces. A key to that state of well-being results from 'entrainment', which binds physical and mental processes to center a loving heart at the core of life. The plan components of purpose, strategy, leadership, management, and life culture are clear in their impact on the plan's follower.

C. Murphy - PhD, San Diego, CA

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