Gabriel Lawson - Organizational Mechanic

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"Gabriel is a first rate Product Delivery Executive/Manager. We first met while working the fast growing start-up company (Channelpoint) that was struggling with Product Delivery and its staggering growth. Gabriel was brought in specifically to lead the engineering organization towards repeatability and predictability. He changed an entire organization's culture and created one that prided itself on Product delivery. Later I was recruited by Gabriel to join him on another engineering team turn around opportunity where the organization was unable to drive quality and schedule commitments. Once again Gabriel was able to steer an organization to get it back on course and create a culture that valued ethics and teamwork above all."

David Miller, Senior Director Software Engineering

"I highly recommend Gabriel Lawson for senior management positions (VP, Executive Director, etc.) within software engineering. Gabriel has extensive experience with developing and implementing software development processes. He understands the importance of "Change Management". More importantly, Gabriel understands how to manage the "Human Process". He is highly skilled in making organizations (small & large) more effective and very efficient."

Gary Counts, Senior Engineering Director

"Gabriel is a creative leader. He introduced Agile-like methodology to a large team and was able to measure business-level results. He also emphasized the importance of intuition in engineering, which resulted in higher achievement and creativity among the software engineering team. His intense interest in team behavior drove some successful training programs that improved team dynamics. He contributed successful approaches toward a high risk business that Seagate had chosen to pursue."

Lynne VanArsdale, Senior Manager, Market Development

"Gabriel is a results-oriented software executive that knows how to get the job done. He has a clear understanding of technology, and personal integrity. We worked together as cross functional team leaders (hardware and software), which required a great deal of cooperation. He is very professional and competent. He listens to both sides of a problem and cooperates with others even when it put his own schedule under pressure. It was a pleasure working with Gabriel. I recommend him, and believe he will succeed at any project he puts his effort toward."

Wayne Flournoy, Exec Director of Engineering

"Gabriel knows how to build effective organizations. His insights into human interaction, emotional intelligence, leadership, communication and organizational change are thoroughly at the principle level, and he knows how to apply them. He has a deep understanding of people and how to enable knowledge work. He has even established break-through connections on how to improve emotional intelligence. Gabriel is truly a Level 5 Leader as described by Jim Collins; embodying the personal humility and professional will that it takes to build self-running organizations. Gabriel is an invaluable asset to those around him and is a powerful force for greatness in any leadership / management role that he takes on."

Colin Graham, Senior Engineering Manager

"Gabriel Lawson implements repeatable, managed development environments that deliver product and services on time. On two occasions, two separate companies, I had the opportunity to be a part of Gabriel's management team. In both situations, Gabriel consistently implemented a structured delivery process utilizing PMI principles of earned value and managing schedule variance. Not only did Gabriel implement these programs, he also taught his peers and direct reports the fundamentals of earned value. With understanding comes support and ultimately success. I continue to utilize skills and implement process I learned from Gabriel Lawson."

Michael Whittemore, QA Development Manager

"Gabriel is one of the few "Leaders" that takes a personal interest in each individual he manages to help grow personal desires while advancing an organization. Over the 30 year span of my involvement in the technology industry, Gabriel was one of few guidance points to instill positive growth changes in my professional development in both personal engagement tactics and engineering advancements. In this approach, Gabriel provided me with the opportunity to realize my goals in a short timeframe while I gave back beyond any "job description" expectations and the lessons are still paying dividends. I would fully recommend Gabriel for leadership and take guidance in the direction he sets without reservation."

Brad Stocker, Director SW Engineering

"Gabriel is a compassionate and understanding leader and his true strength is bringing order to chaos. On both occasions that I worked for Gabriel, he mentored his management team to use common sense project planning principles and corrective action techniques to manage project resources and deliver products on schedule. Additionally, Gabriel has shown that he can institute change management processes that balance the needs of the customer and the demands of his management without compromising or over working his development staff. He is a great leader who knows how to bring out the best in his people and teach his teams to work smarter, not harder."

Richard Bachet, Director Software

Gabriel Lawson

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