Gabriel Lawson - Organizational Mechanic

Education & Training


Bachelor of Science: Milligan College, Tennessee

Major: Math
Minor: Sociology
Minor: Education


Notable Work Related Seminars Taken:

  • Effective Management
  • Inspired Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (CASE Western University)
  • The Mindset of Leadership
  • Leadership Development Program (Harvard Business School)
  • How to Develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Program Management Intensive
  • Agile
    • Introduction to Scrum-Agile
    • Managing Agile Projects Using Scrum
    • Agile Estimating and Planning with Scrum
    • Sprint Execution - Daily Standup and task-board
    • Continual Improvement - Review and Retrospective
    • How to go about an Agile Adoption

Work Related Seminars Taught:

  • Introduction to Effective Management
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Evolving as a Manager
  • Being an Effective Leader
  • Software Best Practices


Gabriel Lawson

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